Woo have you guys heard about this anime? 
Of course you have, and what’s the next step after watching a great show?
STOCK UP ON MERCH! I recently won some money, so it’s time to waste it on anime merchandise, and since I already owe most of SNK merch (addicted? what? no?), this one’s for you.
You can win all of the following:

- A reckon corps cloak
- A reckon corps jacket 
- All four keychains
- Type 1 OR Type 2 key
- Collossal Titan phone charm

So without further ado, here’s my 1200 follower giveaway, ft. Attack on Titan! (◡‿◡✿) 

mbf me
no giveaway blogs
must be comfortable giving me your/a shipping address
✿ reblog/like as many times as you want
giveaway ends 11 Feb 2014

Ps. I will ship internationally!

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So we could walk together side-by-side as we lived out our lives in this world.

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"Nobody ever knows how anything will turn out…"

This scene was truly petrafying.

…. the feels… 

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